Why You Should Choose American Conservation & Air

  • Local family owned & operated since 1995
  • 24 hour emergency service provided 7 days a week 365 days a year
  • Cutting edge of technology in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) & HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) industry
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Over 100 years combined experience
  • Professional staff
  • Better Business Bureau Member with A+ Rating since January 5th 1996
  • Austin Energy Registered Contractor

It is our goal to inform you, with as much information as possible, pertaining to the work that needs to be performed for your home. We strive to fully inform you so you will feel totally comfortable knowing exactly what work will be performed for your home & what you can expect during the process. We take great pride in providing quality craftsmanship & strive to provide the very best in services. We are an environmentally conscious company & promote energy conservation.

The following information expands on the estimated bid summary in more detail. We will elaborate on the standard work we do on each & every home as required by current City of Austin building codes. It will include work we do that is not required by code but is required by us in order to provide the very best in professional services to you, our valued customer.

Mechanical System Replacement

We will remove & dispose of your existing system as required by city ordinances. We will properly install an AHRI listed, matched set of components according to manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines of the City of Austin’s environmental and conservation department.

External Combustion

Any gas furnace &/or water heater located within the air conditioned & heated space in your home will be separated from the conditioned space by sealing the door with weather stripping. Additionally, a series of vent pipes will be installed to provide fresh air input & to properly vent out the toxic gases that result from the combustion process. Louvered doors will be sealed as required for air tightness & door sweeps installed as needed.

Duct Replacement

Many homes have inferior or poor duct design. When this happens there can be hot or cold spots in the house & can cause electricity usage to sky rocket. We are experts at duct system design & will recommend accordingly as needed. When we replace duct systems we will then test our new ducts with a flow hood to guarantee proper air flow to all areas causing the system to turn off sooner therefore using less electricity.

Attic Insulation

We will supplement your existing insulation with evenly distributed blown in Climate Pro insulation to provide a minimum of R-38 protection.

Solar Screens

We will install solar screens that meet or exceed the shading coefficient of .31 or lower. Frame and mesh color to be specified by you the homeowner. Solar screens reduce fading of interiors by reducing ultra violet radiation penetrating through windows. Solar screens blocks up to 70% of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the glass surface.

Duct Leakage and Air Infiltration

Research has proven that 70% of air infiltration is caused by leaks in the air distribution system. Positive or negative pressurization occurs depending on whether the supply ducts or return air duct(s) leak. The typical Austin home has over 28% duct leakage while the typical air conditioner moves 1,000 to 1,600 cubic feet per minute of air through the duct system. The conditioned air in the living space in your home will stay inside your house even if the doors &/ or windows are leaky, unless an external force occurs such as the pressure variations caused by duct leakage. The reason why homes lose heated or cooled air is the negative &/or positive pressurization caused by duct leakage. To address the causation of this problem a great deal of time will be spent on sealing the supply and return ducting. Sealing of these improves air quality dramatically. You will also eliminate potential sources of entry by airborne contaminates such as dust or insulation from the attic & between walls. American Conservation & Air will use a Duct Blaster to test for & locate leaks in ductwork, exterior walls, doors, windows, grills, etc. Duct leakage will be reduced to less than 10% of the potential airflow based on the 400 CFM per ton of heating/cooling, multiplied by the number of tons in your home.

Air Infiltration

Major sources of air infiltration caused by leakage in the exterior envelope of your home are remedied by American Conservation & Air.

Exterior Doors/Windows

We will weather strip and/or seal, as needed, using Door Sweeps & Jamb-up/Foam Tite door weather stripping.

Plumbing Penetrations

We will seal all plumbing penetrations in the kitchen & baths, as well as walls having penetrations to the exterior.

Attic Hatch

Your attic hatch will be weather stripped & insulated or replaced, if necessary, to eliminate air exchange between the attic & living space below.

Whole House Fan Cover

We will install an attic fan cover if applicable.